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The Sheep Theory: Why Your Content Won’t Generate Links or Shares

Unique content. We’ve all ‘herd’ it before.sheep-theory

Spewing out of every internet marketers mouth.

And it’s a load of rubbish.


Most articles written nowadays are knock offs.

They’re poorly written piles of mess trying to masquerade as something special.

And trying to compete with bigger and more popular blogs with the same content is useless.

You need to be different.

You may think your writing is good enough to compete with the many other mediocre pieces…

…but it’s probably not.

Let me tell you why…

… and it’s got nothing to do with writing a 3,000 word novel.

1. You Don’t Spend Any Time Really Thinking About Your Content

Spend most of your time thinking about what to write, and a minimal amount of time actually writing.

I came to the realisation a while ago I wasn’t spending enough time thinking about writing.

I first came across this idea when reading a Jon Morrow post about dumb bloggers.

And I completely agree.

Once I spent the majority of my time thinking, new ideas came flooding in.

Not only about content… but about business and life in general.

Otherwise, you’ll end up copying and not writing for yourself.

By thinking, you open up a vast world of possibilities within the blogging realm.

You’ll find your voice, you’ll write for you, and your engagement will grow.

But the truth is… 95% of us can’t be bothered, won’t be bothered, and won’t put in the time to get that far.

When was the last time you really thought about your next blog post?

And I don’t mean a couple of hours, I mean a couple of weeks.

Ask yourself…

  • What do my readers want?
  • Who am I writing for?
  • What is popular just now?
  • Who can I collaborate with?
  • Are my readers going to find value in this?
  • Why am I writing this?

2. You Don’t Stand for Anything, And Your Readers Know It

People want to learn from authority figures.

They like following someone they feel stands for something greater than themselves.

Do you want to make a difference in your visitor’s lives? It doesn’t matter if you provide SEO services, dog grooming or real estate.

You should put your focus on making your readers lives better.

Help yourself by helping others.

Take a look at leaders in your niche.

Are they there for money or fame? Or did they achieve it through passion, drive, commitment and for the love of it?

Readers know if you’re throwing out content, or are actually trying to make a difference.

Just take a look at the first page of Google for ‘content upgrade’, a popular search term recently and see how similar all the results are…


All these results say pretty much the same thing.

And notice they’re all from powerful sites within internet marketing. with good domain metrics.

What chance has the little guy got?

This is why you have to be different and stand out.

Take a look at thought leaders like Seth Godin… can you find any of his writing being re-hashed over and over again?

3. You’re Idolising False Idols

People are in interested in stories. That’s human nature.

If you focus too much on copying others, you won’t have your own story.

You won’t be unique.

To make a connection with readers you must engage them, and nothing can engage people like a story.

Write with personality and be true to yourself.

Of course, successful people can show you the way…

… but you must carve your own path.

But here’s the real truth:

Re-hashing content again and again (like a lot of popular internet marketing blogs) is incredibly boring, and isn’t adding any value to the marketing community.

But never fear.

If you have the desire, passion and can handle looking at your Analytics account with a defiant sadness for a while…

… you could break the mould.

Go above and beyond for your readers.

Stand for something.

They will follow you.

So… to summarize

  1. Think more
  2. Stand for something
  3. Be yourself


… you could keep following, lamb chop.

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