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Sep 27, 2018 @ 8:52 pm

Hey! I’m Alan.

I’m a Glasgow SEO providing freelance search engine optimisation to small and large businesses throughout the UK.

With over 8 years search experience and working with some of the brightest companies in the UK I bring a vast amount of knowledge to increase traffic, revenue and leads for your website.

I am fully Google certified, you can view my profile, certificates and awards here.

Feel free to send me a message to discuss your SEO needs.


I also write on my SEO blog covering topics such as:

With the continuous rise of internet users… especially mobile and tablet use, it’s more important than ever to establish yourself online. If you don’t… your competitors will leave you behind.

Increasing search traffic via search engines is only the beginning… visitors also have to be converted to an end goal. Your goal will be different depending on what kind of website you operate.

So before starting any Glasgow SEO campaign, you must define your goal and ask yourself: “what do I want to achieve?

It might be to buy a product, sign up to an email list, or share your message.

SEO includes a range of areas such as…

  • User journey & UX
  • Website structure
  • Content
  • Link building
  • Technical SEO

My Approach to SEOseo_glasgow_approach

Before starting to build links, outreaching to bloggers and creating PR worthy content…

… I firmly believe you must optimise your website properly in order to climb search engine rankings.

Firstly: On-Page SEO

Your job is to give your visitors the best experience as possible. And in order to do that your website first and foremost should be top drawer.

There is no point generating traffic if your website wastes it away.

“If you focus on your visitor, rankings will follow.”

This is what is meant by on-page SEO.

By “optimise” I mean…

  • Lightening fast with well written and clean code
  • No annoying popups or spam advertisements
  • Giving the user the content you promise on a page
  • Unique and engaging copy
  • Relevant internal and external links
  • Sprinkling natural keywords into your content

If in doubt, ask yourself how much time you would spend on your own site if you were a browser.

If the answer is “not long”, it’s time to change things up.

Doing this will also put one over your competition. Search Google for your main target keyword (for example: SEO consultant in Glasgow) and optimise your website better than the top 10 results.

This is a first to indicate you’re more worthy to be there than your competition.

Secondly: Off-Page SEO

Once you have your website in perfect working order, you should already see some rankings just with proper on-page SEO.

Now… it’s time to start an off-page SEO campaign… which includes:

  • Blogging
  • Link creation (high quality and relevant)
  • Social influence
  • Blogger outreach
  • PR and press releases

Off-page SEO is a massive topic with far too many areas to cover. We’ll be here for months. My main expertise is link building and link generation.

It also, of course, depends what type of website you have; informational, e-commerce, charity, lead generation etc.

I tend to focus on link building and generating traffic through my blog, so I suggest heading over there for a gander.

Thirdly: Convert that Traffic

Make the most of your traffic.website_traffic

I touched on it above, but you must have an end goal.

For example, Amazons’ goal is to sell products, WebMD’s to give better health information, and my little ‘ol site is to give valuable and instructive SEO advice.

What’s your goal?

I strongly advise to study and follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines for your site to be indexable, findable and ultimately rank for your target keywords.

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